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Meet Betty LaMarr

Introducing Betty LaMarr: Lights, Camera, Action!

 Miss. Betty LaMarr excels in two qualities that contribute towards success in broadcasting and journalism: professionalism and charisma. This veteran TV host, producer and director has been a constant fixture in regional media since 1988, beginning with The Betty LaMarr Show on Comcast Cable 17 (formerly a Time Warner affiliate). The Betty Lamarr Show can still be seen twice weekly on Comcast Cable 17 in the Mid-South. As an executive producer, Ms. LaMarr works in a world that inspired the catch phrase "lights, camera, action!"

In addition to Ms. Lamarrs many accomplishments she the director of a 501c3 charity organization "Betty LaMarr School of Development For Girls" our goal is to uplift and encourge economically disadvantaged girls to thrive and become confident Godly young ladies. 

 Betty believes in living her philosophy of “There’s nothing like hard work and faith to make your dreams come true.”


Blessed to sit in the company of some of the best and brightest, Ms. LaMarr has interviewed many celebrities. These luminaries include: Golden Globe winner Blair Underwood and Richard T. Jones of CBS’ Emmy award winning “Judging Amy” television series and acclaimed for their roles in the movie “G”; James Brown, the legendary ‘Godfather of Soul’; singer Raheem DeVaughn; Academy Award winners Three Six Mafia; Dr. Neal Bernard, noted author of the book, The Power of Your Plate. Recently, Betty interviewed best-selling author, entrepreneur and talk show host, Mr. Tavis Smiley. Mr. Smiley visited Memphis on March 5th as part of a speaking tour that celebrates his 20 years in the broadcast industry. For this special occasion, Mr. Smiley takes a break from his usual role of interviewer and becomes the interviewee. No matter who or what the subject, Betty inevitably finds something unique and positive to share with her viewers and readers.


Why does Betty maintain such a strong focus on the positive? In today's world, where adversarial and negative interviews have become standard fare, Betty always approaches her interview subject with the utmost respect and regard. Betty's remarkable personal perspective and journalistic integrity have opened doors for her to speak with celebrities and noteworthy individuals in our society. She never takes for granted the pleasure and privilege she enjoys as an interviewer.


In the course of her life, Ms. LaMarr has exhibited that rare ability to create opportunity where little or none seems to exist. She founded her own clothing and fashion business which she operated successfully for 10 years. Later, at the time when her production company and other media projects began to require more attention, she sold her business. In whatever situation she faces, Betty believes strongly that God has blessed her with the tools she needs in her life. She has an infectious intensity and passion for life. Betty brings that intensity and passion to her productions and projects. Ms. Lamarr has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States and has a deep appreciation for culture and the arts. In addition to producing, writing and directing The Betty LaMarr Show, fashion extravaganzas, and other special media projects. Ms. LaMarr’s main objective is to inspire, entertain and enlighten others.

 Miss LaMarr host her own Medical Talk News radio talk show.

In addition to Ms. LaMarr's many other achievements she currently host a special edition of "Medical Talk" to the On Cable Tonite Show line-up viewed  nightly on the Comcast Cable Network which featured an exclusive interviews with many of the Master's in the healthcare industry which includes Dr. Kashif Latif, MD at A M Diabetes & Endocrionology Center,    Bariatric Surgeon  Dr. Robert Wegner at Saint Francis Weight Loss Center in Memphis, and  Dr. Joseph Santoso, GYN Oncologist at the West Cancer Center and, Dr. Rajesh Kabra, Electrophysiologist recently honored by the Memphis Business Journal as one of the Top 40 Under 40.


 For further information:

Web-site: www.thebettylamarrshow.com

E-Mail: betty@thebettylamarrshow.com

Mail Address: 1910 Madison Ave Suite 619

Memphis, TN 38104


Kind regards

Betty Lamarr

Host, Betty LaMarr


22.07.2016 00:26

Jeanette Henderson

Good Show

02.06.2016 19:56

Harold Leake

Hello, my old good friend, this is Harold yo cable and camera friend of the good old days.

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29.08.2021 13:46

Betty LaMarr

Thanks for visiting my Medical Talk Website.
I thank you for helping the show to get it's start many years ago. Your camera work was very appreciated.

16.01.2016 08:18

Victoria Hewitt-Burns

I really enjoy watching your Medical Talk Show on TV as well as viewing your Website. It gives me so much insight and knowledge. Keep the shows coming!

30.12.2015 06:18

Mike Kernell

Good idea!

30.12.2015 10:45

Betty LaMarr

Thank Mr. Kernell. I will never give up on my dreams, goals and passions. Thanks for visiting my site. I'd love to invite you to join me during the taping of my show w/out audience participation?

13.11.2015 10:51

Joe Morton

Love this Web-site. Keep up the good work.

11.11.2015 16:47

Shirley Reese

You look really great in that pink dress with Dr. Santoso!

11.11.2015 16:54

Betty LaMarr

Thanks but I can't wear it on every show right?

05.10.2015 09:23

Miss Betty LaMarr

"You are what you THINK you are.
"You are where you are because you THINK as you do".

22.09.2015 12:11

Beth Lamar

Excellent Talk Shows